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Remember this scene?

Using Use my Ute for your small moves is much easier than ute hire, as we will help you move, but you need to check a few things before you book. Have a look at our moving tips to avoid getting your furniture stuck.

  • Measure twice move once: make sure your new purchase or items fit through the door frame. This may seem obvious but lots of new style sofas for example, are deep and don’t fit through some older style entry doors. Have a look if you can take the arms off and if so make sure you’ve got the right tools to do it. 
  • How heavy is it? Some heavy items can be taken apart to make transport much easier; with the right tools you can easily take apart tables, beds and cots.
  • Have a look at your access: Do you have parking? How far do you need to carry the goods from the Ute to your front door? Do you have lift?
  • Corners – wide items like mattresses and sofas need to be able to get rounds corners into you apartment and upstairs. Measure up and think about how easy it is to manoeuvre in the space available.
Friends – Couch pivot scene:
If you need something delivered or moved locally, we’ve got you covered. Perfect for last minute needs, or schedule in advance.
Order a Ute on demand and get your local approved ute driver to deliver your everyday goods – Head to to hire a ute, get quick quote and book your ute and driver.
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