Will Ute hire companies become obsolete in the future?

use my ute

More and more Australians are finding income through the gig economy by signing up to digital platforms. Use My Ute is fast becoming one of those. Use my Ute exists because we can offer advantages over ute hire companies. Those advantages include convenience, upfront costing, paperwork free, no deposit to pay, don’t require a licence as you get your very own ute with a driver and someone helps you move your goods. You don’t even have to leave home!

Drivers are registering with coverage now spanning throughout North, East, South and Western Sydney. We have also successfully launched in South Australia. Customers who require larger vehicles to move goods may look towards cheap ute hire. However customers have to go through the lengthy process of hiring the vehicle AND drive the ute themselves. Use my Ute offers a new up to date service that reflects current trends. People want to save time and stress less. Imagine you need a larger vehicle for a job, you don’t really want to go and drive an unfamiliar vehicle and fill in all the paperwork. The solution – order an approved local ute driver to complete the job when you decide. Use my Ute offers flexibility for drivers who are able to choose when they want to receive jobs and also ensures there is a minimum call out fee for drivers. One of Use My Ute’s registered drivers tell us why he decided to get onboard;

Grant. Male, 47, Professional Driver – B Double and Road Trains, Ute Driver
From my first job some 30+ years ago completing deliveries on my push bike for the local pharmacy, to the current day driving B double tankers filled with fresh farm milk, it would seem I have always been involved in the delivery of something….. so it makes sense to Use My Ute to deliver for the locals, to the locals, by the locals. Over the years I have had many roles in a variety of fields, Including business development, retail management, transportation and logistics. The work I most enjoy is relationship-based, where I am on the road meeting new people resulting in customer satisfaction. Use My Ute is the obvious choice for being on the road and working within and getting to know my local community. From delivering that bargain that was just to good to pass up on Gumtree to the new kennel for the furry family, the BBQ and outdoor setting to getting rid of that garage clutter and taken to the tip, Use My Ute is only a click away….

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