Where would Use my Ute be without it’s drivers? The answer, not very far. Meet Grant from Adelaide.

Use my Ute’s mission is to connect people who need goods moved with approved local Ute drivers. Grant is one of many drivers helping Use my Ute to achieve this goal. Grant successfully registered with Use my Ute and is now able to take jobs in his home town of Adelaide.

All Use my Ute drivers have to pass our background checks which includes a national criminal and driving history checks. The Use my Ute team are very pleased to have registered Grant onto the platform.

Once drivers provide their documents and are approved, Use my Ute creates booking pages based on the areas drivers would like to receive jobs. Grant informed Use my Ute where in Adelaide he is able to service including his availability.

Why would you book Use My Ute?

You might need a larger vehicle to pick up a piece of furniture you have bought from Gumtree or Facebook. It could be a mattress that you need moved to a new place. Perhaps a friend has offered you an outdoor furniture set as they are getting a new one. There are many reasons you might need a larger vehicle. Use my Ute takes the hassle away from going to hire a Ute or borrowing your mates. Simply go online and put in the delivery details. Your Use my Ute driver will arrive at the pick up destination and assist with the delivery job.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get that purchase home because you don’t have a large enough vehicle. Use the online platform to order an approved Ute driver like Grant in your area who can help.

Use My Ute does not charge drivers subscription fees and there are no hidden costs. We are an online platform connecting people who need goods moved with approved local ute owners. A small percentage is taken from each job to manage the online platform and reinvest in marketing strategies. Drivers receive a minimum call out fee so drivers are not working for less than they deserve.

Use my Ute – Adelaide

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