Use My Ute V Hiring a Ute – Let’s look at why we believe UMU is the better option

use my ute

Ute rental is a term you will come across very often in Australia. Used as a short form for describing utility vehicle in Australia, people often use Utes when moving house or office.

It happens to be an easy way of getting things from one place to another. For people who are moving their residence or office to a different location can opt for Ute rental especially when they don’t have the right sized vehicle for the job.

Ute rental in Australia also serves the purpose of businesses that regularly need to deliver goods to various addresses. Hiring such vehicles makes the work easy for them and provides consistency as well, particularly as an emergency replacement vehicle.

Thinking about hiring a Ute, look at this from Fair Trading NSW before your do;

Before hiring a vehicle and signing the contract, ask yourself;

• What does the insurance on the vehicle cover if you have an accident?
• Is comprehensive insurance a separate payment or included in the rental amount?
• Is the excess (the amount you will have to pay) reasonable?
• Does the insurance cover damage to the hire vehicle, damage to other vehicles and any personal injuries?
• Can you get a replacement vehicle quickly if you breakdown?
• Is there a convenient way of arranging for minor repairs while on the road?
• If you have to pay the cost of repairs, how do you get your money back? You should not have to pay for items that are ‘fair wear and tear’. But you may be responsible if problems develop as a result of your negligence, misuse or abuse.
• Can you take the vehicle off-road or to the snow? Many contracts prohibit hirers from taking the vehicle off-road or above the snow-line. You may be responsible for any damage that occurs as a result. If you want to get off the beaten track, make sure your contract allows you to do so.
• Can you return the vehicle to a convenient place?
• Will you have access to the return depot at a time that suits you?
• Do you have to pay penalties for the late return of the vehicle, or for not returning it to the agreed depot?
• Are you required to fill the fuel tank before returning the vehicle? And if you don’t fill the tank, what will the car rental firm charge you per litre?
Before you drive away
Take the time to run through this quick checklist before you drive away. It’s particularly important if you are hiring an older vehicle.
• Are the tyres, lights, indicators, windscreen wipers and washers working properly?
• Is there any damage to the vehicle that should be noted on the documentation?
• Is the windscreen chipped?
• Are there any visible oil leaks?
• Do the brakes feel acceptable?
• Is there a spare tyre, jack and wheel brace?
• Are you aware of the road-rules?
• If you are going to the snow, do you have the required chains?
• Do you understand the controls to the car (lights, gears, indicators etc)?
• Are there any signs of water leakage into the vehicle, particularly in the sleeping quarters of campervans?
• Does the vehicle have all the features you have paid for, eg. air conditioning, CD player, or fittings in campervans?
• Do you have maps to get out of the city and to take you onto the open road?

If you have an accident
Most disputes involving hire vehicles relate to accidents. Overseas drivers can be unfamiliar with Australian conditions, which can increase the risk of having an accident. Therefore, insurance is essential. If you do have an accident, you should pay the agreed amount of excess and then insurance company will usually look after the rest.
If you have an accident, as a general rule you should:
• not accept any liability
• advise the car rental company as soon as practicable of the accident
• consider legal advice to find out your legal position
• comply with state laws and report the accident to the police.
Where the accident is your fault and you’re not comprehensively insured, you may be liable for expenses and could be sued for compensation. If this happens, you should seek legal advice immediately.
If damage to a vehicle is minor and it costs less to repair the car than the insurance excess, it might be easier to just repair the vehicle. You should still obtain your own quotes on the damage. If this is not possible, photograph or video the damage in case there is dispute about the cost. A written agreement should be drawn up between you and the rental company detailing the agreement.

If you are booked by the police
You are responsible if you are booked by the police for a parking or traffic infringement. If you get a parking infringement, you should notify the car rental firm and make arrangements for payment.

In the event of a dispute

If you have a dispute with a car rental company, contact the owner or customer relations manager at the company. If you cannot settle the problem by mutual agreement, contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

Use My Ute

Use My Ute makes it easier for you. Instead of renting a Ute, Use My Ute connects you with a private Ute owner who has registered to help you load, deliver and unload your items. There is no need to rent a Ute ever again. Get a Ute with a driver by booking on our secure platform. Use My Ute is the best alternative to Ute rental.

With Use My Ute, you don’t need to go to a shop and fill out the paperwork. You don’t have to drive an unfamiliar vehicle. You pay the quote you have been provided on our secure booking system. You needn’t worry about insurance and cost per hour or kilometre, it’s all included. Your driver will assist with loading and importantly ensuring your goods are secured safely for transportation. If you hire a vehicle you have to do that yourself or take someone along who knows what they are doing. You don’t want to lose your goods in transit. Use My Ute drivers have experience securing loads into their own vehicles. 

Use My Ute vehicles can be booked online anytime. Use your Debit card or PayPal account at the time you book, the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. You don’t even have to leave home!

Use My Ute does not require you to go somewhere to pick up your vehicle. With the details you provide your driver can complete the job for you. We have drivers registering all over Australia with more drivers registering all the time.

Once you add your delivery details your driver will arrive at the location and time you have entered. We connect you with local drivers so your Ute driver is never too far away.

With Use my Ute you don’t have to mess around with calculating insurance excesses or cost estimations. You know exactly how much it will be from the start.

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