Use My Ute – How it works in 4 simple steps

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USE MY UTE is an Australian online platform connecting people who need goods delivered with local Ute owners who want to earn additional income.

By choosing Use My Ute customers can avoid expensive removals companies, having to wait at home for a delivery or hiring a vehicle themselves, which can be inconvenient.

Our goal is to improve the delivery experience for customers and create a source of income for Ute owners who want to help people in their communities “local drivers for local jobs”.

Use My Ute is available for the last-mile delivery of large items by utilizing a growing network of owner Ute drivers across Australia.

So how does it work?

Step 1

Go to Use My Ute’s online platform. Enter your delivery details (its takes less than 3 minutes) and receive an instant quote.


Step 2

If your happy with the quote book and pay online using our safe and secure payment methods (PayPal and Stripe). To make it even easier for you, we take care of all payments from start to finish, including paying the driver for their work. There are no cash transactions required. You will receive notification that your payment has been successful. Contact details are exchanged. All you need to do next is meet your driver at the pick up location or notify the driver who they will be meeting at pick up and drop off locations (if you are not available).

Driver’s are there to assist loading and unloading. Although some goods are heavy so consider the weight before booking, if you are unsure please contact Use My Ute for clarification.

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Step 3

Your Use My Ute driver will arrive at your chosen pick up point at the time you have selected. Remember you will have contact details for further communication. Then it’s a case of loading up the goods. Your driver is there to help. Once the goods are secure its on the road to your designated drop off location.

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Step 4

Finally your goods are delivered to your chosen destination where your driver will assist with unloading. We want to hear about your experience so please leave a review on social media. Use My Ute also conducts customers satisfaction surveys which allows us to continually maintain standards and improve where necessary. Don’t forget to thank your driver and share your experience with friends and family. If you have any questions please contact our admin team who are more than happy to help.


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