Getting your furniture home

You found the perfect item for your home! A beautiful set of drawers or the most comfortable chair you’ve ever sat on. Maybe you grabbed a bargain with a second hand deal on a coffee table or wardrobe. But now that you’ve found it how do you get it to your home?

There’s a few options for you:

Use the Shops Delivery Service:

Some shops may provide delivery options. However, they are often expensive and take several days (or weeks) to arrive. Plus, many traditional delivery services require you to be home for a two/four hour window. Although your excited to be getting your new piece of furniture, waiting around for the delivery is inconvenient when you could be out doing something more enjoyable.

You could strap it to your car:

Strap it to the roof of your car! But, be careful, don’t overload your roof. You want to ensure your furniture doesn’t fall off in transit. There is important guidelines to follow for load restraints. See our Load restraint Blog for more information.

Load restraint guide to light vehicles

Maybe you have a friend or family member with a Ute?

Call someone you know and see if they can help you bring home your new piece of furniture.

Rent a Ute:

Renting a Ute from a company is an option for some but not everybody. It can be time consuming having to fill out paperwork, drive a large unfamiliar vehicle (worry about damaging it), you also have to fill up the vehicle with petrol and return it to the company. Not to mention making sure you have enough assistance with you to load and unload your items.

Book Use My Ute:

Use My Ute connects you with a local Ute owner to get your furniture home. It takes less than three minutes to enter your information into the booking system on our website. Your delivery job will be sent to a local network of registered, background checked drivers. It takes only moments to find a delivery driver. you select when you want the delivery completed and your driver will arrive at your chosen pick up location. Use My Ute handles all the payment transactions so you don’t have to worry. Simply go to our booking a job page to receive a free quote.

If you only have a small vehicle don’t let that stop you from bringing home that perfect piece of furniture! Use My Ute drivers are in your community and are here to help as another delivery option.

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