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When you buy new furniture from a shop they will often provide a delivery service to help you get your furniture home. However, getting your used furniture delivered is more difficult. Larger items such as tables and chairs generally won’t fit in a normal sized vehicle, and most people selling the furniture aren’t able to offer you transport.

There are many hire companies out there that can give you a Ute or a trailer. But you need to be confident driving a large unfamiliar car and it is time consuming having to pick up and drop off the vehicle. Not to mention worrying about damaging the hire car, filling it up with petrol, paying a deposit and completing the paperwork. You also have to lift the furniture yourself or take someone with you.

Use My Ute is here to help. Simply book the job online using our secure system. Tell us where the furniture is being picked up, date and time including drop off location. You will be connected with a local driver who will arrive at the pick up destination you have scheduled. They will assist with loading the furniture and ensure it is secure in the ute. Then its off to your drop off location to deliver the goods. You don’t even have to leave your home.

Use My Ute secure payment system is all online so there are no cash transactions, its all sorted for you. You can get a free estimate on our website. Just tell us what you need to move, and when you want us to pick it up. Your job will be sent out to our network of local ute drivers.

All jobs booked on Use My Ute are insured with Goods in Transit insurance and supported by our excellent customer service team.

Why buy Used?

Buying used furniture can be a real money saver!

  • Affordable: It can be more affordable to buy pieces of furniture. Many used pieces of furniture are well-built and have lots of years left to give. You can grab a bargain that’s for sure.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By recycling or reusing used furniture, you are reducing potential landfill waste as well as reducing the need to use new materials for new pieces from a furniture store.
  • Unique: Everyone is unique and has their own style which includes choice of furniture. Vintage and antique pieces provide statements that you can’t make with more generic mass produced items.
  • Sentimental: Antique furniture may also trigger sentimental feelings. These could include beloved heirlooms or furniture pieces that remind you of a happy time and place.

Where to Buy Used Furniture

There are many places you can shop for used furniture all over Australia. From person to person, local boutique stores and online marketplaces like Facebook and Gumtree are a great place for finding bargains on used furniture. Garage sales are also a good place to hunt for second-hand Furniture.

Use My Ute to get your furniture delivered

Once you’ve found that perfect bargain don’t forget to Use My Ute. We are here to help in your community and it is hassle free.

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